New Singles – September 8, 2021 (BEAVER BUZZ)

New Singles – October 20, 2021

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CGCM Rock Radio New Singles – October 20, 2021


Buzzsaw usually shows up with 10 tracks, but this week he hit the jackpot. We’ve got fifteen new tracks proving Gene Simmons wrong, one riff at a time.

A couple weeks ago, we went way overboard on US bands. We’re rectifying that this week with a return to some of the worldwide hotbeds of rock and roll, like Europe, Australia, and the UK.

Little Lies – The Metal Byrds

The Metal Byrds - 4A perfect AOR song, full of Bryan Adams sound and sentiment. Suzanne Birdie’s earnest vocals add a layer of stripped-down emotion that’s hard to capture by most songs. 



Hot Blooded Woman – Electric Guitars

Off the upcoming 4th album, “Hot Blooded Woman” makes ample use of the band’s own electric guitars. The third single is yet another reason to add the Danish band’s Freewheeler to the top of your Christmas list.



Tainted Heart – Osukaru

The brainchild of Oz Hawe Petersson, Osukaru strides AOR influences as easily as metal. To me, the Swedish band’s “Tainted Heart” has a bit of a  Skidrow feel.



And Yet It Moves – Timechild

And Yet It Moves” grabs you immediately in its foreboding, brooding, heavy, and melodic glory. How can you not love the unforgettable riffs from Copenhagen’s Timechild?



Get OutGrand Design

The Meister suggested this one, and as usual, he was spot on. “Get Out” nails the 80’s sound in this rocker. 



Trick Or Treat – Straight To Video

One of this Halloween’s biggest treats has been discovering the work of Straight to Video. Jacob A.M. of StOp,sToP sings the song like an Oscar winner would an over-the-top villain. The soul of the song is Rob Lane on bass and vocals, and to whom we all owe thanks for pulling this off.


Fate – Resist & Bite

I love when a song surprises you, and “Fate” definitely does that after the first 10-15 seconds. With former Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch in the fold, you might wonder how much a touch of Tesla comes through. There’s a bit, but “Fate” is somewhat heavier.



Life Kills – Fans Of The Dark

I love the opening riff and how the song grows into a very sticky earworm. Sweden’s Fans of the Dark unleashed a really catchy track with “Life Kills.” 



Do It Again – Guise

A three-piece Rock Band from Liverpool, Guise (or The Guise?) shows extraordinary maturity with “Do It Again“. The first minute of the song features a moody instrumental intro, which kicks seamlessly into a gritty rock song with plenty of soul.



Amplifire – Lou Siffer and the Howling Demons

If straight-up, in your face, kick-ass rock and roll is your thing, you’ll love this band from Uppsala, Sweden. Think Motorhead vs. the Misfits.



Rise Above – Crazy Lixx

When it comes to fully embraced throwback to 80s hair band style and attitude, not many bands are doing it as well as Crazy Lixx. Here at CGCM headquarters, nobody knows these bands like Trevor. So when he says to play it, there is no doubt.



Watcher of Skies – Lynx

I hear a mix of a ton of influences, but my ears mostly hear Trouble and Blue Oyster Cult. You can’t go wrong with the epic intros and big solos from Lynx, out of Giessen, Germany. Lynx comes courtesy of our Editor in Chief (or something), Sparky.


Inside Looking OutJoe Matera

Now here’s a song that I can only describe as cool, timelessly cool. The Australian guitarist Joe Matera recruited Don Powell of Slade to play the drums. The result is a modern ode to the sound and feel of that glam era.



Hell of a Night – Fury

Just in time for Halloween. The video is a gory, glorious mess, especially if you’re a horror fan.




Dance of the DeadThe OddEven

The OddEven listened to a little Alice in Chains in their past, and it shows on this sludgy rocker. If you like that style of churning rock, his one’s for you.




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