NECRONOMICON - Constant To Death (April 28, 2023)

NECRONOMICON – Constant To Death

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New release from: NECRONOMICON – Constant To Death (April 28, 2023)

With Constant To Death, their twelfth studio album, Necronomicon embarks on an explosive tightrope walk between Thrash, Punk and Power Metal. The hard, uncompromising characteristics of the songs have remained.

New is the tidy, fat sound and the dominance of the vocals, in which songwriter and frontman Freddy shows himself more powerful than ever.
Freddy describes Constant To Death as his most modern and at the same time most personal album. “There’s everything in these 12 songs, from typical Necronomicon sounds to catchy Power Metal to my musical origins of Punk.”
The title track and opener of the new album feels like Thrash reloaded. A compact power song that will open the door to a wider audience for Necronomicon. Also the second song, “They Lie”, a typical punk song, but in the “here and now” so Freddy, clarifies the band’s new course out of the niche German Thrash Metal without however losing recognition value.


Constant To Death is more than a loose sequence of songs, it is Freddy‘s journey through music as he loves it. Each track is meant to make you curious about the next one. It makes you want to listen through the whole album….and then start all over again.

Early in spring 2022, Freddy went to work on the songwriting and the album was recorded before the band’s European tour in September/October 2022. This time the members of Necronomicon recorded and produced it in the band’s own headquarters to simply have more time. The rhythm and melody guitars were played as always by Freddy. Marco Lohrenz laid down the powerful, well thought out and melodic foundation bass tracks in preparation for the drum tracks to be recorded by Rik Charron. Rik flew to Germany 2 weeks before the start of the tour to record all the drums and the former Exciter drummer AGAIN hits the skins with the speed of a machine gun and with the power, intricacies and ferocity he is well known for.

The thoughtful and flowing solo guitars were recorded by Glen Shannon at his home base in the USA. And once again Achim Köhler took care of the mix and mastering. He is the only engineer for Necronomicon when it comes to the perfect sound for the band.
Due to the worldwide events, the album title Constant To Death is also the main theme of the lyrics. The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, churches and their sexual abuse, child poverty and hunger…there are very serious and sociocritical lyrics, which turn out accordingly dismal. Constant to Death, Constant to Thrash!


01. Constant To Death

02. They Lie

03. Redemption

04. Stored In Blood

05. The Guilty Shepherd

06. A Voice For The Voiceless

07. Black Rain

08. Children Cry Alone

09. Bloodrush

10. Down From Above

11. The Blood Runs Red

12. Poverty Show

13. Outro


Freddy – Vocals / Melody & Rhythm Guitar

Marco Lohrenz – Bass

Rik Charron – Drums

Glen Shannon – Solo Guitar


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