NARNIA - Soli Deo Gloria (November 05, 2021)

NARNIA – Soli Deo Gloria

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New release from: NARNIA – Soli Deo Gloria (November 05, 2021)

Narnia sums up its first 25 years with the compilation album; Soli Deo Gloria. This is a collection of 30 songs that show the band’s wide range and long experience of being established as one of the best melodic metal bands on the metal scene. Songs from the first album Awakening to the latest studio album From Darkness to Light along with bonus tracks from different album versions, clearly shows how the band has managed to maintain a high level throughout its history and at the same time how to hungrily strive forward to a promising future.

Meanwhile, the band’s ninth studio album is in the making and planned for release in 2022, this is a great introduction to the band for new listeners, as it is a gold mine for current fans to revisit favourites and discover lesser-known songs.


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