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Have your band’s CD reviewed on CGCM or possibly played on the podcast! Here’s how we handle Music Submissions.

Do you want to have our writing team take a listen to and possibly review your CD? Perhaps a possible song play in an upcoming CGCM Podcast Episode? No problem. However, with an overwhelming number of submissions, we try to review as much as possible. But unfortunately, it’s just not possible to review everything.

Certainly, you can send MP3 files and band bio information to the podcast co-hosts’ and writer’s contact emails below. Although, emails sometimes can get overlooked or missed due to the enormous amount of music submissions that we receive. But, if you prefer sending physical product please mail to: Rich “The Meister” Dillon 10 Tangreen Crt. Unit #905, North York, ON Canada M2M 4B9.

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Furthermore, the CGCM Podcast is sponsored by The Farm Rehearsal Studios/Farm Rock Build-A-Band Program in Markham, Ontario and Cloven Hoof Rum in Brighton and Hove, UK.

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