Massive Noise!

Massive Wagons are a British rock band.  This statement, however, severely underplays their importance in today’s rock scene.

After several years on the cover circuit with Ace Face, Adam Thistlethwaite and Baz Mills left to write original rocking tunes in 2009. Recruiting Adam‘s younger brother Alex, and old school chums Adam ‘Bowzer’ Bouskill and Carl Cochrane, the fivesome “set out to drink some beers and play some music billed as Massive Wagons. High energy and high volume were the order of the day.

MASSIVE WAGONS – House of Noise

House Of Noise is the band’s fifth studio album was recorded with Colin Richardson and Chris Clancy at Backstage Studio, Derbyshire in January 2020.

The record is the sound of a band who know their rock history, but who look to the future to provide a new paradigm for growth.  In other words, Massive Wagons pay homage to the likes of AC/DC, Slade and Def Leppard, but provide a new spin on them.  The band race through the fun with the same intensity of the great bands of the seventies and eighties.  Strangely enough, there also feels like a bit of Oasis in the grooves as well with the song “Hero” having some echoes to the Manchester outfit.

The highs on this collection are definitely provided by the wonderful title track.  This has been on continuous rotation at Coxy Towers and is the perfect summer soundtrack song.  I have played this every day for the last few weeks and it is totally addictive.  The pure class of tunes such as “Glorious” is clear to see to all but those who are tone-deaf.

Noise Doesn’t Annoy

This record never fails to add electricity to any day.  It is the one stimulant I reach for in the morning with my other (coffee).  The songwriting is strong and the lyrics wonderfully quirky (exhibit A being “Curry“).  The singing is off the hook with some brilliant twists. I heard a smattering of Jon Anderson of Yes, along with loads of Noddy Holder from Slade.

Make your summer better.  Get on the Massive Wagons and get those wheels turning…Great record!

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