MARAUDER - Metal Constructions VII (March 10, 2023)

MARAUDER – Metal Constructions VII

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New release from: MARAUDER – Metal Constructions VII (March 10, 2023)

This twelve-track, semi-conceptual opus will be sure to please long-time followers and newcomers alike with the classic Marauder blend of muscular heavy/power metal, melodic finesse and fist-pumping anthems – all channeled into what is arguably the band’s most heartfelt musical statement since 2000’s masterpiece 1821.

For any lover of traditional heavy metal guitarwork, it is pure joy to behold the melodic and harmonic interplay that permeates the new Marauder material. Most easily notable this time around is of course the recruitment of Greek Metal scene strongmen Tassos Krokodilos (vocals) and Nick “Yngve” Samios (drums). With his soaring voice having just recently graced the latest album by Hellenic old school act Spitfire, the securement of Tassos Krokodilos as the band’s new vocalist keeps Marauder’s tradition of fine, charismatic frontmen alive. Moreover, the act of pairing the ever-reliable (and seemingly indefatigable!) Nick Samios with long-standing bassist Thodoris Paralis have resulted in what is arguably the strongest rhythmic backbone for the band so far.


What further adds to the gravitas of Metal Constructions VII – much like it did on 1821, although in a different conceptual area – are the lyrical themes and how they relate to the music at hand. Tackling themes of hardship and despair that surely anyone alive in 2022 can relate to AND presenting them in a way that brings to the listener a sense of strength and hope rather than apathy should be enough to earn Marauder a medal of honour. An endearing testament to the deep-seated powers of Man to not only ride-out, but overcome and eventually learn something from times of great distress, Metal Constructions VII both resonates with its times and boldly points towards a brighter future.

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