Lÿnx - Long Live Rock N' Roll

Lÿnx – Long Live Rock N’ Roll

Hailing from Calgary, Canada Lÿnx are pure, unadulterated good-time glam metal. They take their name from the Canadian lynx, a specialist predator that evolved to be the bane of the snowshoe hare. Like their namesake, the band Lÿnx specializes at one thing: playing loud, fast, and fun rock and roll. The album Long Live Rock n’ Roll is both a tribute to the music that we all know and love and also a blueprint for its future.

Lÿnx features original members Blade on guitars, Flash on drums and percussion, and Fangs on bass. Lazer recorded the vocals for this album, however, he recently left the band and was replaced by Ja6ur. From what I’ve seen, it should be a seamless transition.

The album packs a huge, metal-fisted punch of sleaze rock. The raw production adds that feel of earlier, more grimy iterations of Mötley Crüe and Poison.


The Songs

Opening tracks can tell you a lot about an album. Sometimes bands come out swinging, and others take the slow-burn approach. There’s no slow burn in Lÿnx, and the title track “Long Live Rock n’ Roll” roars out of your speakers. It features a great guitar solo, fantastic percussion, and drips with 80s glam.

And it just gets better from there. Lÿnx serves up anything a lover of sleaze rock could possibly want. They strut through loads of different types of 80s rock, from the frantic “Crazy Crazy World“, the bluesy anthem “Red Robin“, to the “Eye of the Tiger“-esque power ballad “Forged In Fire“.

Final Thoughts

These guys are pure sleaze rock goal. If you love, or even like this kind of music, I can’t recommend it enough. Closing the album with the oft-covered “Paranoid” is a bold move that shows their confidence in solid musicianship, great songwriting, and solid production.

Track Listing

Long Live Rock n’ Roll
Crazy Crazy World
Red Rocket
Forged In Fire



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