Ludvig and Marcus of REACH – (CGIM Interview)

Ludvig and Marcus of REACH - (CGIM Interview)

The CGCM (Canadian Geeks Chatting Metal) Radio/Podcast/Website is proud to present our latest segment. Welcome to CGIM (Canadian Geeks Interviewing Metal). Enjoy the latest in the series as website contributor and CGCM Radio Presenter Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall shares his video call with REACH.

A band from Sweden. A three-piece band that feels that they have finally found their sound. Two albums in, and a third to be dropped. That band is Sweden’s own REACH.

A Brief history

Reach was founded in 2012 by Ludvig Turner and Marcus Johansson. Coming from previous bands of their own, they found each other and liked the sound that they produced together. Next came the search for others to complete the vision that they foresaw.  They found that in members David Jones on bass, and Alex Waghorn on vocals.

Ludvig and Marcus of REACH - (CGIM Interview)
Ludvig Turner & Marcus Johansson

They started with a huge bang by doing a cover of a most unlikely track. The band’s cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” in August 2013 revealed them to the world in a big way with over 1,000,000 hits on YouTube and counting!

Reaching Out

The band’s first album Reach Out To Rock burst forth in 2015, and then the band went under some restructuring, and the foursome turned into a threesome. Gone were the bass sounds of David Jones and Ludvig took over vocals so Alex was also out. The addition of Soufian Ma’Aoui and his bass tones filled in the gap. The changes also meant the beginning of a new album, and the next step in the band’s career.

Reach Out To Rock
Reach Out To Rock

The Great Divine

The band’s second album found them receiving much critical acclaim. The Great Divine was hailed by fans as a masterpiece, and exactly what a sophomore album should strive to be.  It had a more melodic rock sound to it with hints of a progressive nature creeping in.

Managed by H.E.A.T frontman Eric Gronwall the guys in REACH have nowhere to go but up into the upper echelon of the Swedish band rankings. Not just because of Eric, but because the band has elevated their sound and musicianship to another level.

Reach - The Great Divine
Reach – The Great Divine

The songs on The Great Divine are well written, well played, and delivered to the listeners with them in mind. Like that old saying, “if you build it, they will come” and come they did.

Reaching Higher Ground

In 2020, the band has taken that next step. Reach has gotten their new album, A Promise Of A Life ready to go for its fans, but due to the COVID pandemic sweeping the world, its been pushed back from a September release to what looks to be a more likely New Year release time frame. However, the band has stated that they would like to keep releasing singles until then.

So far two singles have been released to the fans, “The Law“, and “Higher Ground“. “The Law” is a very guitar-driven track with a more progressive tone as well. A great tune, that is sure to get the live crowd fired up.

Reach - Higher Ground (Single)
Reach – Higher Ground (Single)

Higher Ground”, however, is very different. Its truly a progressive rock track, with a different vocal delivery than previously heard from the Reach fanbase. The song is a much darker story as well. It is brilliantly written, and if you watch the video for it you will see that darker side exploited.


Reach is one of those bands that deserve your attention. They work hard to deliver to its fanbase and have created some excellent music in their small, but growing catalogue. To say keep an eye on these guys would be an understatement, because only the best, is yet to come! Recently I had the chance to sit down and talk with Ludvig, and Marcus. We talk about the new album, the band’s past, and they also share some funny road moments. So sit back and enjoy the stories,


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