KICKHUNTER - Now Or Never (June 9, 2023)


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New release from: KICKHUNTER – Now Or Never (June 9, 2023)

Passion, dedication and the love to music!

After a nine years hiatus, Kickhunter are ready to deliver some kick-ass Rock’n Roll again. Founded back in 2000 by guitarist Stefan Aurel and drummer Karsten Kreppert, the in Hamburg, Germany-based outfit released four albums so far.

They toured Europe with their debut album Hearts & Bones in 2003 with Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd and gained a lot of new followers. The internationally high-acclaimed follower Little Monsters came out in 2007. Kickhunter released their third masterpiece All In summer 2010. In 2013, just before they released their fourth album Southern Kicks, they supported US Southern Rock legends Molly Hatchet on their tour in Germany.

Now Kickhunter are back with their 5th album Now Or Never. Produced by the band and mixed and mastered by Eike Freese and Dennis Ward.  The album also includes a guest performance by non-other than founding member and Helloween bass player Markus Großkopf! Markus, who is very limited in time due to his commitment to Helloween, unfortunately, had to part ways with the touring lineup of Kickhunter. The five remaining original members were able to win Tim Schwarz (Xandria, Hardbone) as their new bassist. There is also a new addition with guitarist Gerd Lehmkuhl which completes the triple axe attack!!!

If you are ready for true handmade Rock music with dirty riffs, powerful Hammond sounds and groovy drums, then you are ready for Kickhunter!!!


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KICKHUNTER – I Want It (Official Lyric Video) 2023

KICKHUNTER – I Want It (Official Lyric Video) 2023 Finally KICKHUNTER is back for the attack and they are louder and faster then ever. Expect best Hard Rock from Hamburg, Germany with a slight touch of Classic and Southern Rock! Here’s for you their second single I WANT IT, taken from their upcoming album NOW OR NEVER.