JEAN BEAUVOIR-LION’S SHARE – Time To Rock Festival Replacement (Festival News)

JEAN BEAUVOIR-LION'S SHARE - Time To Rock Festival Replacement (Festival News)Unfortunately, we have to announce that Jean Beauvoir will not be coming to us this summer as he was in a car accident and injured his back. As always, health comes first. Jean has promised us to come to Time To Rock next year, so we hope for a speedy recovery. Further down you can see an email from Jean.

Lion’s Share was formed in Sundsvall as early as 1987 but relocated to Stockholm with Kay Backlund (keyboard) and Lars Chriss (guitar) as central figures. The first album was called Lion’s Share and came out in 1994. The group has had many different lineups, but today Lion’s Share is a duo, with extra musicians in the studio and on stage of course. Permanent members are Lars Chriss on guitar and one of Sweden’s strongest metal voices, Nils Patrik Johansson, behind the mic.

It is also Nils-Patrik who is responsible for the vocals on, among other things, the band’s two latest full-lengths, Emotional Coma and Dark Hours. If you want to describe how Lion’s Share sounds, you can say “like heavy metal“. Simplistic, yes, but no less true for that. Because there are tracks from all kinds of metal, such as Dio, Judas Priest, Accept and Saxon just to name a few references. On the latest single “We Will Rock“, which was released in May this year, there is wild flirting with Ronnie James Dio and it sounds damn good! Does that sound nice? Yep. It should NOT be missed

Letter from Jean Beauvoir:

To my dear fans, the Time To Rock promoters who enthusiastically included me in this year’s festival, Rock Kommander, and also to my Manager/Agent, Bandmates, and friends! I’m so very sorry that I won’t be able to perform this summer at the Time To Rock Festival I know Sweden has a zero-tolerance alcohol law, which I came to appreciate …Unfortunately, as there is no precedent for this here in the US, things like this can happen…I was unfortunately rear-ended by a drunk driver with a .286 blood alcohol level at 70mph. The impact damaged a recent back surgery I had in 2023, specifically to be prepared and in top shape to perform for you this summer 2024! All was on track! Unfortunately, due to this accident and the additional damage it caused me, I could not be cleared by the surgeon, and I must remain here to sort out the next steps in my healing process. Probably another surgery…

But fear, not fans and friends! I will do “whatever” it takes to get back in top shape to rock Sweden next year! So stay tuned! We’re gonna miss you and wish we could be there! We were so looking forward to rocking you!!! Sweden holds a special place in my heart as many of you know…So from myself, the boys in the band and all of team Beauvoir I love you, Sweden, and I’ll be back soon! Jean



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