Jaded Heart‘s latest offering, Heart Attack released on October 14, 2022, in the EU, but not until November 18, 2022, in North America. In any case, we here at CGCM have had an advance copy for a while now and it’s seen a few spins for me personally. I thought I’d produce some scribblings about the record…read on.

Some Heart History

Jaded Heart issued their first album, Inside Out back in 1994. The band actually began under the moniker Tax, operating from 1986-1990 with one album. Changing names in 1990 saw Jaded Heart commence a lengthy career containing. Throughout lineup changes and inner turmoil, they have steadily issued albums approximately every two years since (fifteen of them!). The current lineup of Johan Fahlberg (vocals), Masa Eto (guitar), Peter Östros (guitar), Michael Müller (bass), and Bodo Stricker (drums) has been creating the Jaded Heart outputs at least since I first reviewed one of their albums back in 2016 (then writing for Decibel Geek). Although I’ve also read that guitarist Masa Eto has moved, for personal reasons, into the background. Bassist Michael Müller is the only member remaining from the 1994 Inside Out debut record.

Jaded Heart – Heart Attack

For this long player, Jaded Heart enlisted some help through contributions by Sascha Gerstner (Helloween) and Rupert Keplinger (Eisbrecher). Interesting album artwork depicts a lady’s face looking like a heart. Not in shape, but in actuality with ventricles and such almost like medusa hair.

Things roar out of the gate with “Blood Red Skies” widely opening the window on what to expect from the release. A great slab of melodic power metal infused with a tasting of hard rock grooves. Should bode well as a fist-pumper and sing a long fun time in a concert setting.

From there, it’s a “Sweet Sensation“. Riffs and hooks abound in this ripper leaning more to the hard rock end of the spectrum. The title track vaults through the speakers next. This one is a highlight as well. Chock full of those same powerful infectious riffs that force the toe-tapping and headbobbing and equipped with an excellent melodic chorus.

Harvester Unknown” continues the path set forth from the beginning. As I listen, I’m thinking how great this album is. Exactly the kind of album that Von Maestro enjoys. Robust riffs, larger-than-life hooks, a heaviness you’re too weak to lift, yet packed with a melody that forces you to sing along. “Lady Spider” exhibits an even heavier groove and you can feel the thrash elements running wild.

The “Descent” of Heart Attack

Midway through Heart Attack, we find “Descent“. This track, perhaps displaying the Helloween influence/input on length alone, although to be honest I don’t know if this is the collaboration Gerstner had hand in or not. It’s over 8 minutes long. And frankly, begins to wane my interest and lose me a little. It’s just too long and not “infectious” enough which reduces the earworm qualities and can’t hold my attention. It’s not that it’s bad, I just don’t personally “love” it. Track #7, “Remnants Of Before” starting out in slow-paced ballad fashion does not exactly snap me back into the Jaded Heart arena either.

I do return, however, drawn in by the grooves of “Right Now“. Heart Attack wraps up with more steady and groove-laced rockers in “It’s About Time“, “Bridges Are Burning” and “Midnight Stalker“.

In short, if you’ve enjoyed the previous few Jaded Heart releases, this one should also please you.

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JADED HEART – Blood Red Skies (Official Video)

“Blood Red Skies” is featured on JADED HEART’s album “Heart Attack” – out on 14/10/2022 via Massacre Records – get it here ” https://lnk.to/jadedheartheartattack Video by Holy Noir Productions // https://holynoir.de DOP/Post-Production: Fabian Dammers Executive Producer/Camera Operator: Stella Lohmann Drone Pilot/Production Assistant: Fabian “Fabsche” Bender Focus Puller/Hair & Make-up: Jana Melody Miller Set Design & Light: Holy Noir Productions Mix & Master: Manuel Cohnen @ Parabol Audio // http://www.parabolaudio.com Model: Fuxteufelswild https://www.jadedheart.de * https://www.facebook.com/jadedheartmusic Subscribe to our YouTube channel ” http://bit.ly/10dJTep * http://massacre-records.com * https://www.facebook.com/massacrerecordseurope * https://twitter.com/massacrerec * https://www.instagram.com/massacrerecordseurope * https://open.spotify.com/user/massacrerecords * http://stores.ebay.de/METALMAILORDER * https://www.music-merchant.shop/en/massacre/new

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“Heart Attack” is featured on JADED HEART’s album “Heart Attack” – out on 14/10/2022 via Massacre Records – get it here ” https://lnk.to/jadedheartheartattack Video created by Ingo Spörl // http://hard-media.com https://www.jadedheart.de * https://www.facebook.com/jadedheartmusic + + + LYRICS + + + Just like the night demands The dying of the light