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Here on the CGCM Info/Contact page, you can find all the back history, bios of the co-hosts and creators as well as how to contact them!

Way back in the year 2012, young (well younger) Wally “Wallygator” Norton discovered the Decibel Geek Podcast. He enjoyed listening to the weekly released audio episodes. After a few weeks of gym listening, the co-hosts Chris and Aaron put a call out for writing contributions to their website. Young Gator reached out and was quickly inducted into the Decibel Geek family. Shortly after, he met another crazy rock and roll fan Rich “The Meister” Dillon at a local Toronto Helix concert. The two fast became inseparable, like two brothers from other mothers. They in fact even discovered that they share the very same birthday of April 10th, different years. Soon Meister joined Decibel Geek and over the years became the directing editor for the growing website.

Following many years of writing articles and yearly hosting stints of Decibel Geek Podcast, the boys finally birthed their own show. On April 10th, 2017 The CGCM PODCAST was born!

The CGCM Podcast (Canadian Geeks Chatting Metal) is sponsored by The Farm Rehearsal Studios/Farm Rock Build-A-Band Program in Markham, Ontario and Cloven Hoof Rum in Brighton and Hove, UK.

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Meister’s Bio

Hello, I’m Rich “The Meister” Dillon! I am 50% of the CGCM Podcast and website…well, let’s be honest, maybe 35%! ...
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Wallygator Bio

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Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall Bio

I’m Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall. Let me introduce myself as most see me. I’m a 327 lb, 6’9” man that is ...
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Shawn “Animalize” Irwin Bio

Photo by: Mairéad Heffernan Hello, my name is Shawn “Animalize” Irwin and I am a musicaholic. Yes, I have a ...
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Graham “Sparky” Spark Bio

Graham “Sparky” Spark Bio Hi, I’m Graham Spark or Sparky, (original, huh?) and I’m based in Wakefield, UK. From listening ...
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CGCM Privacy Policy

Who we are Our website address is: WALLYGATOR: THE MEISTER: The CGCM Podcast is sponsored by Rhythm ...
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