INDOOR SUMMER 2022 - Saturday (Blog Review)

INDOOR SUMMER 2022 – Saturday

Welcome to INDOOR SUMMER FESTIVAL 2022 in Hamburg, Germany! The team at CGCM Rock Radio was on hand for the event…and it wasn’t just the resident travelling psycho/festival whore RichThe MeisterDillon! We also had one of our writing contributors, KrystiKryfarFarnam at the event. Here’s their account, thoughts, stories and comments all compiled into these joint daily blogs of which this is the second. Also included are RichThe MeisterDillon‘s photographs throughout and in galleries below. He’s new to photography and still learning so please bear with any sub-par captures as he learns. Unfortunately, not every band is mentioned as even with two of us, some sets were missed. Enjoy and please reach out if you were there also and/or are wanting to attend next year! We’re always happy to chat and offer advice and a friendly face if you’re a solo attendee!

INDOOR SUMMER 2022 - Saturday (Blog Review)

Captain Black Beard – Indoor Summer 2022

Kryfar and Captain Black Beard

The lineup was stacked!  My friends and I found our spots in the front row and didn’t budge.

First up was Captain Black Beard.  I saw them do an acoustic set at Sweden Rock Fest. I was really impressed, so getting to see them do a full electric set was a huge bonus.  Captain Black Beard put on a hell of a show.  They are high energy with captivating songs like “Flamenco” and “Physical”.  The crowd absolutely loved them.  What a way to start out the day.

Meister and Captain Black Beard

CREYE – Indoor Summer 2022

I’d found this awesome melodic rock band way back in 2016 with their It’s A Mouthful release. That album even placed in my top 10 favourites of the year for 2016. I’ve been following them ever since that and enjoyed all of the outputs along their musical journey and the facets they’re been through.

However, I’d never seen them live on stage until their acoustic set in the little tent at Sweden Rock Festival earlier in the year. Everyone knows that I basically abhor acoustic shows, but a few do break through from time to time. Captain Black Beard was one of them! Now let’s get the good stuff for an electric show at Indoor Summer.

INDOOR SUMMER 2022 - Saturday (Blog Review)

DEGREED – Indoor Summer 2022

As I readied myself in the photo pit, hoping that my captures would be an improvement over yesterday, a member of the festival team came on stage to introduce the band. She erroneously called them out on the mic as Captain Black Jack…lol. The band did not disappoint and rocked through a setlist comprised mostly of their material from the last album, Sonic Forces. Unfortunately and quite disappointingly, there were no inclusions off It’s A Mouthful. But they were great and I look forward to a return engagement….throw some “Divided Feelings” into the list, please 🙂

Creye (Meister)

I struggle with Creye, TBH. Their recordings just don’t “grab” me. But I know lots of folks that just love the band. And I was certainly in the minority here in Hamburg.

INDOOR SUMMER 2022 - Saturday (Blog Review)

NESTOR – Indoor Summer 2022

Degreed (Kryfar)

Degreed electric was just as great as I had hoped.  They quickly recovered from a small technical problem at the beginning of the set, then went on to put on an awesome show!

Nestor (Kryfar)

Nestor BLEW THE ROOF OFF!  Seriously, they just killed it!  They were another huge draw for me.  I’ve seen them several times and they are always absolutely amazing.  The crowd was crazy for them, chanting so loud at times that the band just stopped and soaked it all in.  Nestor was formed in 1989 and had some success but then life got in the way and they went their separate ways.

MAVERICK – Indoor Summer 2022

Fast forward to 2021 when they decided to get back together. They released Kids in a Ghost Town and have just exploded in popularity. I can see why.  Excellent songs, fantastic musicians and dynamic live shows make them a “must-see”!

Maverick (Meister)

One of my all-time favourite songs is not a classic from days of youth in the 80s, but a song from 2016! It’s the lead track “All For One” off Maverick‘s album Big Red. Another band I’ve had on my radar since 2016, but I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live a few times….and again next week as well….lol. Maverick delivered a high-energy Hard Rock show as they always do and I loved every minute of it!

CoreLeoni (Meister)

Coreleoni – Indoor Summer 2022

Wow! This band has recently taken me by storm. Initially, I’d passed them by on their first two album releases. Not totally sure why/how that happened. But not too long before Indoor Summer, I gave CoreLeoni III a spin! Hooked! If this doesn’t show up in my top 10 favourites of 2022, Santa Claus is real…lol!

Featuring Leo Leoni of Gotthard, I hoped we’d hear a song or two from that amazing Swiss band in the set as well.  And so we did! I loved hearing “Fist In Your Face” in the set that also showcased awesome tracks like “Purple Dynamite” and “Like It Or Not” off III. Now I have to dig out the first two and give them a listen!

Kee Marcello – Indoor Summer 2022

Kee Marcello (Meister)

As a former member of Europe (I still love “The Final Countdown“), I was looking forward to seeing Kee. I’d missed his sets at events in the past, so I decided to make sure I didn’t this time. I was hoping to hear a selection or two off the Scaling Up album which I quite enjoy.

We did indeed get two songs off that album early on in the Kee set. “Black Hole Star” was my last song in the photo pit and “Don’t Miss You Much” came right afterwards. Unfortunately, I found Kee‘s vocals to be rather weak overall, IMO. Well, he’s known for guitar work not vocal prowess I guess. I drifted around the room tuning out a little to the set. At the point that things took a reggae-styled turn, however, was the end for me. Why would you do that to “Superstitious“, I’ll never even guess!

H.E.A.T. (Kryfar)

H.E.A.T I’ve got two words HOLY SHIT!! Haha, can I just leave it at that? No?  Okay, we were already amped we had just seen seven first-rate bands and H.E.A.T just brought it to the next level.  It was a non-stop love fest between the band and the crowd.  They did all the favourites and added in some of their well-received new songs from Force Majeure.  This band puts it all out on stage every single show.  They know how to fire up a crowd and deliver exactly what we came for.  It’s mind-blowing.  There’s only a handful of bands I’ll travel overseas to see and H.E.A.T is one of them.  Was it worth it?  Hell Yeah!

INDOOR SUMMER 2022 - Saturday (Blog Review)

H.E.A.T – Indoor Summer 2022

H.E.A.T (Meister)

I’ve followed H.E.A.T for years. They’re gaining a lot of ground in recent years, especially with the North Americans. Largely that’s thanks to a couple of stellar sets aboard the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. And then vocalist Erik Gronwall stepped down paving the way for the return of the band’s original singer Kenny Leckremo. This caused a lot of trepidation amongst the fanbase and myself included. How would Kenny fare? Could he compare to Erik, who is a phenomenal frontman. Happily, I deem a resounding YES!

Easily more than 10 times I’ve witnessed H.E.A.T on stage….and at least five of those have now been with Kenny leading. He’s a phenomenal singer with a great range and this was another banger of a set! I know some folks are vehemently “Team Erik“, but IMO, Kenny kills it every time!

The End for Kryfar

Unfortunately, Saturday night was my last night at the fest.  I had to catch a plane back to the U.S. I feel very fortunate to have attended Indoor Summer Festival 2022.  It was the ultimate fan experience with an incredible lineup.



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