IN/VERTIGO - Sex, Love & Chaos (EP Review)

IN/VERTIGO – Sex, Love & Chaos

Hailing from Calgary Alberta, In/Vertigo formed in 2016, the quartet delivers relentless, memorable performances at the jet engine decibels of a Boeing 747. Consisting of vocalist Reed Alton, guitarist Shaddy Elsaghir, bassist Duncan McCartney, and drummer Keaton Byfield, the band has already made a mark for itself touring and constantly gigging around Western Canada. They have performed with acts such as Diamond Head, Age Of Electric, Pop Evil, The Wild!, The Lazys, One Bad Son and John Corabi.

Their debut EP Sex, Love & Chaos is available worldwide via Rockshots Records. I stumbled onto this 4 song EP while looking at the releases so far this year and gave it a spin. When listening to something the first time I usually end up fast-forwarding a bit to see if it catches. I listen to it a bit and then fast forward a bit more. I would do this to all of the songs and if I liked most of it go back and listen to the full songs. Usually, it takes about 3 – 4 listens to know if it will stick with me.

For this one, I listened to all 4 songs right through. They got a hold of me and did not allow me to fast forward them. They grabbed me right away. One listen was all I needed I’m hooked. The style of music is pure hard rock with great guitars and vocals. Each song is different and all have something great to add to this EP. The guitar work by Shaddy Elsaghir is fantastic and really fits the songs. The vocals of Reed Alton show you the range he has throughout. The drums and bass are also not to be ignored.

The songs:

Chains” – hard heavy track with loud guitars and a touch of sleaze to it. The sound could fit right into the sunset strip back in the ’80s. Amazing solo and the chorus has good melody.

Bad Enemy“: Hard gritty rocker with a catchy chorus. The guitar solo is the highlight of this track. The band did the video themselves.

The Night“: Very bluesy with a hint of jazz. Again the guitars are fantastic. This is a great song that has an awesome feel to it, vocals are great on this song as well. Incorporates all elements of what you have heard up until this point. The band mentioned that this song was inspired by the Coverdale/Hughes era of Deep Purple.

Take It“: A pure hard rock song with a memorable chorus. Reed’s vocals go through different paths as the song progresses. Shaddy’s guitar solo is great, have I mentioned how much I like the guitars on this release. This is the song that showcases what this band can do. This was the first one I heard and was hooked from the start. This is the song that you need to hear if you want to get a feel for what this band can do.

With only 4 songs they leave you wanting more.  Looks like this is a lock for my top 10 of 2020, it’s that good.

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