HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN' - Control Yourself (May 19, 2023)

HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN’ – Control Yourself

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New release from: HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN’ – Control Yourself (May 19, 2023)

Control Yourself was originally recorded between 1990-1991 as the intended follow-up release to Hit The Ground Runnin‘s debut album Sudden Impact. The band at this time was offered opportunities in TV/Film and the song “Back Again” was written and submitted to production for the movie Rocky V, and also “Surrounded By Fire” for the movie Backdraft.
With a strong management and production team behind them, the band secured a deal with a major label. However, with the changing musical trends of the early 90s the album was eventually shelved and the band soon moved forward to other projects. The album was first released to fans worldwide in 2001 on Smash Records. The original pressing has been a hard-to-find collectors’ item in the AOR music scene. Fans have been asking for a much-awaited re-release.
Much like the demand from the band’s first successful release Sudden Impact (1989), Control Yourself is being offered this re-release on Pride & Joy Music with new artwork and 3 additional bonus tracks. One previously unreleased song “Melva Devine”, and a demo of “Back Again” with original guitarist Alan Augunas. Also an alternative demo version of the song “Pain”. The album features a wide variety of professional high-quality tracks in the Hard Rock, AOR genre.


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