HEROES AND MONSTERS - Heroes And Monsters (January 20, 2023)


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New release from: HEROES AND MONSTERS – Heroes & Monsters (January 20, 2023)

Thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the self-titled debut from an incredible new trio, Heroes & Monsters on January 20, 2023!

Formed by Bassist/vocalist Todd Kerns, guitarist Stef Burns, and drummer Will Hunt, the band has released a new single and music video, “Raw Power“.

Watch a lyric video for the previously released single “Locked And Loaded“, stream the two singles and pre-order/save the new album below.

The players’ resumes speak for themselves but rest assured, if you are looking for hard-hitting, hooky, in-your-face rock-n-roll, then Heroes And Monsters will be good for what ails you. The band approaches their style with their influences in tow, but also with an understanding and appreciation of the current rock scene. A best of both worlds scenario, if you will.

Album Tracklisting:

1. Locked And Loaded
2. Raw Power
3. Let’s Ride It
4. Angels Never Sleep
5. I Knew You Were The Devil
6. Break Me (I’m Yours)
7. Blame
8. Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong
9. Set Me Free
10. And You’ll Remain


Todd Kerns – Lead Vocals, Bass
Stef Burns – Guitar
Will Hunt – Drums

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Heroes And Monsters – “Raw Power” – Official Music Video | Todd Kerns, Stef Burns, & Will Hunt

From the album HEROES AND MONSTERS. Buy or Stream: https://orcd.co/heroesandmonsters | Subscribe To Frontiers Music Srl YouTube Channel: http://radi.al/SubscribeFrontiers RAW POWER (Hunt, Hestla, Burns) I break my bones for this And I don’t really care About your reservation And I live in this minute for me And I don’t care to give Any explanation I’ve been giving it all this time Got a thrill for the kill gotta get mine Raise a glass there’s no better time It’s mine if I want it Mine if I want it Takin’ a risk tonight (RAW POWER!)

Heroes And Monsters – “Locked And Loaded” – Official Lyric Video

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