HELL'S DITCH - Take Cover (March 31, 2023)

HELL’S DITCH – Take Cover

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New release from: HELL’S DITCH – Take Cover (March 31, 2023)

We’re delighted to reveal our debut EP Take Cover will be released on 21.03.23 on Silent Cult Records and is available to pre-order today!

Order an exclusive bundle and you’ll be inducted into our membership club and will receive a t-shirt, CD, custom Hell’s Ditch safety matches, a special newspaper print and your own numbered membership card to the Hell’s Ditch general union. All merch/art is designed by the band and picking up a bundle is 100% the best way to support our music. (text taken and edited from Hell’s Ditch Facebook post)

Born from the ashes of respected UK punk groups River Jumpers, Bad Ideas and Household Name records’ alumni, ChiefHell’s Ditch draws listeners into an ambitious fictional environment. One that leans on nostalgic backdrops of post-war Britain, dissident politics and the harsh realities of working-class survival that while thematic in nature – remains as true today as in decades gone by. (text taken from Hell’s Ditch Bandcamp page)

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Hell’s Ditch – Take The Night Off [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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