HEIR APPARENT - Graceful Inheritance (Re-Release) (January 21, 2022)

HEIR APPARENT – Graceful Inheritance (Re-Release)

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New release from: HEIR APPARENT – Graceful Inheritance (Re-Release) (January 21, 2022)

This is how Power Metal should be done! 1986’s Graceful Inheritance remastered leaves nothing to be desired!

Heir Apparent is one of these bands that released a few records and then stopped with leaving a gem behind. This one is the masterwork that every power metal fan should have listened to. One of the strengths of Graceful Inheritance is the production; very well-balanced, with a clearly audible bass, which is very important because it makes the sound very characteristic. Then, the musicianship, is mostly top-notch; with Iron Maiden-like solos all around, bass lines that would put Steve Harris to shame and a quite unique vocal work by Terry Gorle. The songwriting is varied; with mid-paced, up-tempo and speed metal songs, and so is the atmosphere; with a mostly dramatic/tragic environment in the songs, but also tense moments where you can basically feel the danger coming, showing versatility both in performance and songwriting. In addition, Graceful Inheritance is extremely catchy, with sing-along choruses, and will get you from the very beginning. Every song on this album is simply excellent. This is a must for power metal fans that are into Iron Maiden and Queensryche’s The Warning.


1. Entrance
2. Another Candle
3. The Servant
4. Tear Down the Walls
5. Running from the Thunder
6. The Cloak
7. R.I.P. (Live)
8. Hands of Destiny
9. Keeper of the Reign
10. Dragon’s Lair
11. Masters of Invasion
12. Nightmare (Faces in the Dark)
13. A.N.D. … Dogro Lived on


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