HEART LINE - Rock 'N Roll Queen (June 23, 2023)

HEART LINE – Rock ‘N Roll Queen

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New release from: HEART LINE – Rock ‘N Roll Queen (June 23, 2023)

One year and a half after their debut album that created surprise in the world of AOR / Melodic Rock, French group Heart Line founded by guitarist Yvan Guillevic is once again “back in the game” with a  new album that will be released on June 23, 2023, on the German label Pride & Joy Music.

As always rich in catchy melodies and sharp riffs, Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen offers a concentrate of AOR/Melodic Rock enhanced with a touch of Classic Rock offering the listener 12 powerful titles in the pure verve of the glorious 80’s.

Following the release of their first album in November 2021, Heart Line were given chance to perform their music live a number of times and get appraisal from audiences as well, something that can easily be detected with Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen. Emphasized by a sparkling production, the songs sound mature and intense. From the vocals of Emmanuel Creis to the solos of Yvan Guillevic, the bold keyboard lines by Jorris Guilbaud and the sharp rhythm section driven by Dominique Braud (bass) and Walter Français (drums), everything now sounds bigger and louder.

01 – I Am The Night

02 – Till The End Of Times

03 – Call Of The Wild

04 – The Last Time

05 – Rock’n Roll Queen

06 – Living My Dreams

07 – Hard To Believe

08 – Call Me

09 – Hard Life

10 – Reach For The Stars

11 – The Fire Still Burns

12 – Keeper Of Desire

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