GINGER WILDHEART - The Pessimist’s Companion (April 22, 2022)

GINGER WILDHEART – The Pessimist’s Companion

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New release from: GINGER WILDHEART – The Pessimist’s Companion (April 22, 2022)

On April 22nd Ginger Wildheart proudly releases The Pessimist’s Companion on Wicked Cool RecordsThe Pessimist’s Companion,  featuring the single “Stalemate“, will be available both digitally and on CD.

Fresh from a break-up, a lonely alcoholic living in a caravan poured his feelings into a collection of songs, as dark as they are confessional. The landscape is more eclectic than its predecessor, Ghost In The Tanglewood, but cut from the same tree. The Pessimist’s Companion never got a proper commercial release, due to one thing or another, and was hastily mixed and compiled to meet its pre-order deadline. Rough, urgent and entirely in keeping with the subject matter. The album presented here, still wrapped in stunning artwork by Chris Mars, features a brand new mix, a different running order and five extra songs recorded for the session but not finished in time. This is a deeply personal release for me. I hope you find something here to warm the colder nights alone.” – Ginger Wildheart.

This official 15 track album released on Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records is an aural treat, with no calculated image or reliance on nostalgia. Ginger has created a truly honest album which is an all too rare commodity in today’s world.

To celebrate the release of The Pessimist’s Companion plays 7 UK shows, with Jon Poole, starting on Sunday 17th at The Cluny in Newcastle and concluding at the Lexington in London on Saturday 23rd.

The Pessimist’s Companion track listing:

01 Why Aye (Oh You).
02 I Love You so Much I’m Leaving.
03 In Reverse.
04 You Will Let Me Down Again.
05 No Regrets.
06 Detachment.
07 A Better Love.
08 The Pessimists Companion.
09 Barbed Wire & Roses.
10 I Don’t Wanna Work on This Sogn No More.
11 Wanna Be Yours.
12 Sweet Wanderlust.
13 There is a House.
14 Stalemate.
15  May the Restless Find Peace.

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