FRIENDZONE - Σ’ ΑΥΤΗ ΤΗ ΓΕΙΤΟΝΙΑ (In This Hood) (February 26, 2021)


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New release from: FRIENDZONE – Σ’ ΑΥΤΗ ΤΗ ΓΕΙΤΟΝΙΑ (In This Hood) (February 26, 2021)

A hymn to the underground nightlife of their hometown, Thessaloniki, “Rock’n’Roll και Αλητεία” (Rock’n’Roll & Vagrancy), is the first track to be released from the debut album of Friendzone, Σ’ ΑΥΤΗ ΤΗ ΓΕΙΤΟΝΙΑ (In This Hood). In an exceptional way, it takes the listener into the aesthetic of the album, both musically and lyrically, as it deals with subjects such as urban life, friendship, drug abuse and relationships in a cynical manner. Without doubts, it pushes the band on a whole new level of musical maturity, thus preparing the ground for the ultimate release of the band’s long-awaited debut. It’s a hot blast of unforgiving, banging Heavy Rock’n’Roll!

Friendzone is a Heavy Rock’n’Roll band from Thessaloniki, Greece, playing together since early 2018. They stand out for their characteristic riffs you’ll find hard to forget, their medium/fast tempo grooves, and their Greek lyrics full of cynicism, that focus on raw materialism and straight-forward means of expression, thus denying to cope with the metaphorical/poetic language of other stereotypical Greek rock bands. Influenced by the liveliness of late 80’s Hard Rock, the infectious grooves of old and new stoner rock, as well as the cult vibes of classic Heavy Metal of the ’70s, they create their own universe, skillfully blending their influences to breathe life to a modern musical result. Having taken very positive comments about their live appearances and their attitude on stage, they carried out a lot of successful headline and support shows throughout Greece and also won 1st place in the Battle of the Bands contest of 2019 in Thessaloniki.

In February of 2018, they made their first release with the EP Διασυρμός (Mockery), which focused on the groovy and sludgy side of their aesthetic, a side that had a lot of space to evolve and transfigure. One year later, in August of 2019, they released their single “Κοκκινομάλλες” (Redheads), which was also the first music video released by the band. The track brought the band closer to the surface, as it was the first serious step towards a professional approach and made their intentions clear. “When you’re 20 years old, it’s not quite sure that everybody around you is aware that you see your band as a professional artistic project. Although there’s not a strong lyrical concept in “Redheads”, that track was exactly what we needed to give the public at the time, so we could start building our artistic profile

Info on the new album

Their debut, consisting of 10 tracks, will be released on the 26th of February. The album invites the listener to follow the band on an adventure, between their city’s gray walls, sunk into the late-night hangouts, the filled town squares, and the infinite dark, empty alleys, where after midnight evil lurks in every corner, where crime thrives, and where drug exchange is basic routine. Inside this urban frenzy, where life is quick and death is slow, the feel of despair and disappointment dominates the ones who partied a little bit too much, stayed awake in the venues the squares and the alleys, with friends that now left them behind. It’s fresh, it’s fast and groovy, it’s epic in its own way. This is IN THIS HOOD.

The tracklist of ΣΑΥΤΗ ΤΗ ΓΕΙΤΟΝΙΑ

  1. Επαγγελματίας Γυναικάς (Professional Womanizer)
  2. Ο Κερατάς (Cheated-on Motherfucker)
  3. Rock’n’Roll και Αλητεία (Rock’n’Roll & Vagrancy)
  4. Στο Βενζινάδικο (At the Gas Station)
  5. Όλοι σου την Πέφτουν (Lady Heartbreaker)
  6. Δε Γαμιέται; (Fuck It)
  7. Ο Άχρηστος Σουρωμένος Θείος (Ο.Α.Σ.Θ.) (Worthless Alcoholic Uncle)
  8. 10 Κασόνια Μπύρες (10 Crates of Beer)
  9. Εν Τέλει (In the End)
  10. Σ’ αυτή τη Γειτονιά (In this Hood)


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Friendzone – Rock’n’Roll και Αλητεία [Official Lyric Video 2021] Full Album Coming out February 26th

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