ECLIPSE – Megalomanium II (September 20, 2024)


🤘New release from: ECLIPSEMegalomanium II (September 20, 2024)🤘

Swedish rockers ECLIPSE are thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated new studio album Megalomanium II on September 20th, 2024, via Frontiers Music Srl.

Lead singer Erik Mårtensson comments on the album:

If you thought the title of our previous record was proof of us suffering from delusions of grandeur, then you’re absolutely right. The only way we could top it was to make another one. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, Megalomanium II.

This band is on a continuous journey trying to find new avenues to explore. Having said that, Megalomanium II is probably closer to what people mostly associate ECLIPSE with. It’s filled to the brim with large choruses, beautiful melodies, and some amazing guitar playing. I’m totally unbiased, by the way,Magnus Henriksson adds.

ECLIPSE celebrates the album announcement with a new single, “The Spark,” accompanied by a new music video.

The band shared their excitement for the new single, with Mårtensson commenting:

Our new single “The Spark” hits the ground running with a riff that’s got more stickiness than a Hubba Bubba bubble popped over a 90’s goatee. Don’t let the gum reference fool you, this song contains one of our heaviest verses so far, but it ends up in an ECLIPSE signature-style chorus that will come in handy at the festivals we’re playing this summer.

We’ve been toying around with this idea for probably the last three records now, and I’m really happy we gave it time to develop,” added guitarist Magnus Henriksson. “Musically, it’s like a weird mix of heavy ECLIPSE and almost EDM-like melodies. I have no idea how we ended up here; all I know is that taking this one to the stage should be awesome!

ECLIPSE, the heavy rock powerhouse out of Stockholm, is renowned for its signature sound of massive hooks and stellar musicianship, quickly becoming one of Sweden’s largest heavy rock bands with well over 100 million streams on streaming services. Following on from the release of Megalomanium last September and, most recently, of the exclusive 7’’ vinyl Apocalypse Blues and the single “Falling To My Knees”, the band’s trajectory to craft memorable anthems is bound to stay intact.

ECLIPSE has made increasingly larger waves on the European and American rock scene over the last few years. With tours ranging from South America to Australia and Japan, these guys are a force to be reckoned with, which festival-goers of Wacken, Alcatraz, and Summer Breeze, to name but a few, will be very aware of by now.

At its core, ECLIPSE is a heavy rock band with an appeal that transcends genres. In addition to their numerous headline tours, ECLIPSE has also opened for a wide range of bands over the years, including Aerosmith, My Chemical Romance, and Def Leppard, to name a few. With their unique sound, ECLIPSE is one of Sweden’s most influential heavy rock bands.

After a sold-out headline tour across Europe at the end of 2023, the band continues to fill its busy live schedule in 2024. Following a successful run in Japan and South America, ECLIPSE is currently touring across Europe and will be headed to central Europe and the US after the summer. Additional dates will be added as the year moves on.

Megalomanium II Track List:

1. Apocalypse Blues

2. The Spark

3. Falling To My Knees

4. All I Want

5. Still My Hero

6. Dive Into You

7. Until The War Is Over

8. Divide & Conquer

9. Pieces

10. To Say Goodbye

11. One In A Million


Erik Martensson – vocals, guitar

Magnus Henriksson – guitar

Philip Crusner – drums

Victor Crusner – bass

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