Denners Inferno - In AmberNew release from: Denner’s InfernoIn Amber Novembe 15, 2019

Mercyful Fate / King Diamond guitarist Michael Denner is back with new album In Amber from his new band Denner’s Inferno.

Michael Denner is a very well-known name in the international rock/metal scene, as a former guitarist in the two most influential Danish rock/metal bands ever: Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. Denner contributed with his distinctive guitar style and songwriting on classic Mercyful Fate albums such as Melissa (1983), Don’t Break The Oath (1984) and also the King Diamond classics Fatal Portrait (1986) and Abigail (1987).

Mercyful Fate was also awarded the “pioneer award” at the Danish critics award “Steppeulven” in 2017. In Amber will be released on November 15 2019. And is in Denner‘s own words an album he have been looking forward to do in several years. Michael Denner himself elaborates: “This album I am totally 100% behind. It is so much me and what I stand for. I am a heavy rock musician by heart and I think this album shows it clearly”.

Now, it’s time for Denner to start a new adventure: Denner’s Inferno. Joining him are American vocalist Chandler Mogel (Outloud, Punky Meadows, Radio Exile), bassist Flemming Muus (Trickback, Joytown) and a drummer with a common Mercyful Fate link (played in the 90’s and also involved in the reunion recently announced): Bjarne T Holm.Together, they play heavy metal that should appeal to fans of Mercyful Fate, Candlemass and 70s retro rock.

Michael Denner – guitars
Chandler Mogel – vocals
Flemming Muus – bass
Bjarne T Holm – drums

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