CYANIDE 4 - AmaΛgamA (May 20, 2022)

CYANIDE 4 – AmaΛgamA

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New release from: CYANIDE 4 – AmaΛgamA (May 20, 2022)

“…The road is dark and shadowed, towards the unknown…”
Finally, after 3+ years of preparations and numerous ups and downs, AmaΛgamA, the 3rd studio album of Cyanide 4 is about to be released worldwide on 20/05/2022, after the renewal of the cooperation between the band and Perris Records (USA) for a 3rd consecutive record.

The album was recorded at SoundGarden Studios, Athens (GR) between Spring and Summer 2019. Mixed by Lambros Kritsimas at SoundGarden Studios, Athens (GR) between Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 and finally mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Madison (WI – USA) in Summer 2021.
Cover art, booklet and all graphics-stuff were made by Ethan Tziokas.
Mixing various tastes of metal and a darker vibe with the hard and sleaze rock style of Cyanide 4, this record is the ‘natural evolution’ of its predecessor, Nekyia.
The tracklist is as follows:
01) The Secret Doctrine
02) Warlike Fellow
03) Perfect Sensation
04) So In Vain
05) Bonafide
06) Tragic Flaw
07) Alter Ego
08) Not A Perfect Circle
09) Redeemer
10) Unknown Momentum
11) Barred & Scarred
Band Line-up during the recording:
G.A. Sinn: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Mitch V.: Bass, Backing Vocals
Adrian Kyp.: Drums, Backing Vocals
Dyan Mair: Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
More news regarding single release, new guitarist and live shows to follow!
Stay tuned and Rock On!


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