CHARM CITY DEVILS - 1904 (EP) (November 22, 2019)Charm City Devils1904 EP due November 22, 2019. First single “Skipping Stone” out now!

A “rodent-infested mess” and a place where “no human being would want to live.”

We can write about CHARM CITY DEVILS returning to their bluesy, modern-edged and southern-tinged hard rock anthems. We also can tell you about the desire to rock the masses, but you have heard all the puffery before.

Rather than bore you with the same old bio, we want to give it to you straight. We are Baltimore and Baltimore is in all of us! We have lived our whole lives in and around this city. Baltimore was once vibrant. The town had jobs, low crime and was a place to truly call home. While it is tough to argue that Baltimore doesn’t have a myriad of issues, we still want to tell the story of what still thrives here, which is the Music.

Real-life experiences are what we write about, what we sing about and what we care about. It’s gut-wrenching to see our once “Charmed City” fall to ruin. We all want to be a part of something grand and we all want to have a sense of pride, not only in ourselves but also in our community.

We have lost friends to addiction. We have moved venues due to safety. We have been the victim of robbery, and almost every night the local news the leadoff story is about a murder. Yet we pray that one day, this will turn around and peace and love will conquer, but we know we are far cry from that salvation.

We write and play music for the distraction from all the negativity and anxiety that surrounds us. Through personal experience, we are reminded that when things are really bad, and we mean really bad, we have the outlet of music to channel all those emotions and hope that those that feel the same way can find the same hope through our songs.
Baltimore to us is what Detroit is to Kid Rock or Boston is to Aerosmith. It keeps us ground, motivated, and inspired. It’s the main reason we chose this profession and why we will always pursue our dreams.

If nothing else, the return of the CHARM CITY DEVILS is a reminder that not all the news in Baltimore is bleak and in the face of adversity we have to “Roll on, Roll on, on like a Skipping Stone!”

John Allen – Lead Vocal
Ted Merrill- Guitar
Jason Heiser – Drums
Rick Reynolds – Bass

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