CGCM Podcast EP#26

The Canadian Geeks return for another episode of fun and frolic. After recording their massive 2017 End Of Year Episode the guys decided that there was so much great rock released in 2017 that one episode simply could not cover it. They kept discovering more new and killer rock so here we have Episode 26 – 2017 “Regurgitated” er, ahhh “REVISITED”. The boys each select 6 more killer tracks from 2017.

Heard on this episode…

Dextress – Wild is the Night

Snakecharmer– Sounds Like A Plan

Rockett Love – Grab the Rocket

Heavens Fire – Satin Sin

Lyin Heart – Coming For You

Harem Scarem – United

L.A. Cobra – Running Wild

Eclipse – No Way Back

Trance – The Loser Strikes Back

Warrant – Perfect

Chrome Molly – The Pillars Of Creation

The Wild – Ready To Roll

Wallygator’s D.I.T.D Track – Irish Blessing 95 – Crash Kelly/Sean Kelly

The Meister’s D.I.T.D Track – Rockin Rebels – The Gang

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