It has been a battle over three years in the making. “Battle of the Playlists” was one of the original ideas that the Canadian Geeks came up with when they launched the podcast. Wallygator versus The Meister in a blind battle for the decade of decadence. This round could be final round!

The contest is simple. Each host prepares a 6 song playlist. All the songs chosen must come from albums released in the chosen year. Their goal is to assemble the “perfect” playlist.

The listener gets to hear both playlists in their entirety. Identified as simply Playlist A and Playlist B and that’s when the fun begins. You the listener then gets to vote on which playlist you liked the best. The twist is, you won’t know whose list belongs to who. Some try hard to figure it out but the vote is blind. Your votes determine the WINNER.

CGCM Podcast #133 Battle Of The Playlists 1989!

This battle all began back in April of 2017 with the year 1980. Nine epic battles have raged on with the current score tallied at Wallygator – 5, The Meister – 4. This makes the contest for 1989 a must win for the Meister. If Wallygator takes 1989 he will take home the World Championship Playlist Battle Belt! If the Meister wins this round, 1990 will become the sudden death overtime in this epic competition.

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