Merry ChristmasAfter last year’s Hail Satan Christmas Episode, the Canadian Geeks were immediately put onto Santa’s naughty list. They worked extra hard being extra good little boys all year trying to erase Santa’s memory and hopefully find something special under the tree. With that in mind, they waited until Boxing Day to release the third CGCM Podcast Christmas episode.

The presents have all been unwrapped. The rum all gone. Bellies are full of stuffing and turkey and in the Meister‘s case, some egg foo young with a side of fortune cookies. Christmas 2019 is now a fleeting memory.

Now before you pack up the Christmas tree and all the holiday decorations. Before you return all of your beer empties for the much-needed deposit cash, the CGCM Podcast has one more present to share with you. Welcome everyone to the Boxing Day, Christmas special!

CGCM Podcast Episode #87 – Merry Christmas on Boxing Day

Here is what Santa Meister and Santa Gator have in store. Fourteen Christmas Themed hard rock and heavy metal classics guaranteed to soothe even the worst holiday hangover. The Geeks spent weeks scouring their music collections selecting the perfect soundtrack to spice up your leftover eggnog.

Nothing keeps the Christmas spirit burning more than the likes of Y&T, Helix, Metallica, Nitrokiss, Lee Aaron, Cobra Cult, Four Horsemen, Triumph and more! So pop an extra advil, put another log onto the fire and slip into that Slayer Snuggie that your Grandma bought you. It’s time for Santa Claus to throw some one-two combination boxing moves on your ass. Merry Christmas to all our listeners, supporters, friends and families.

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