CGCM Podcast EP#8CGCM Podcast EP#8 – It’s another trip Around The World In 80 Episodes! This time the Canadian Geeks head off to the UK. They brought along a cooler full of Rhythm & Brews beer with one simple mission in mind. Share some very cool UK born hard rock and heavy metal. So grab a cold one as the boys introduce you to another batch of “lesser known” bands.

Everyone knows that Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest are from the UK. As much as we love them, our voyage is to uncover the hidden gems so sit back, open your ears real wide and order up some fish and crisps cause here we go!!! #Kooga #theanswer #tigertailz #girl #lapaz #battleaxe #blackmayne #mythra #SalemUK #tytan #satan


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