Alright, way back on Episode #59 “Suppositories, Whiskey and Wine” I somewhat proudly warned you all that it was our most drunken episode yet. Well that lasted for eleven episodes. We apologize for what you are about to hear.

On the evening that we recorded the Suppository episode, it turns out we actually recorded two episodes. The second of those episodes was put into the CGCM vault and was left there just in case of an emergency shortage of Canadian Geeks Chatting Metal!!!

Turns out, it was necessary to venture into the vault sooner than we expected. We pulled out this mess and realized that neither one of us actually remember any of the recording of this episode. 

CGCM Podcast Episode #70 – Battleship vol. 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Meister’s Battleship Game. The concept is loosely (very loosely!) based on the Milton Bradley game Battleship. In reality it’s just an excuse to randomly select songs from the Meisters massive music collection and share them with you. 

Sounds awesome but the Meister has both, an abundance of awesome music and an equal amount of “what was he thinking?”.

Load up the torpedo tubes as Wallygator randomly selects album coordinates and blindly unleashes twelve completely random songs. Will he hear the Meister scream “you sank my battleship!”?

You will hear the Meister incoherently count like a Sesame St character and plenty of drunken babble from your hosts. Again, our sincerest apologies for this mess of an episode. You will get some cool tunes and maybe some not so cool tunes. As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Track Listing

King Zebra – Like A Hurricane

Sarasin – Alive and Dying

Rage – Final Curtain

Mad Max – Losing You

I Mother Earth – Infinity Machine

Calico Jack – Carabicia

Aaronsrod – No Mercy

L7 – Beauty Princess/Drama

Kidd Blue – Come In From The Rain

R.E.M. – You Are Everything

Sacred Warrior – Sword Of Victory

Jackyl – I Am The I Am

Queensryche – Liquid Sky

W.A.N.T.E.D. – Eats You Like Prey

Jeff LaBar – Nightmare On My Street

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