So as is par for the course with the Canadian Geeks, best laid plans go to waste! Late last year the Meister exclaimed that the CGCM Podcast was going weekly!! It turned out to be the longest stretch of weekly episode churned out by the heavy metal hosers. Alas, the streak is over. Crashed and burned but then again, what did you really expect.

The thing is, both of your hosts have full time jobs and lives and responsibilities and well let’s face it, the Meister travels too much. This often leaves Wallygator wondering what continent, what festival and what bar room floor the Meister is napping on. If only the CGCM Podcast actually paid all their bills we would be willing to go DAILY! So once again we apologize for the delays. In the meantime the boys went back into the vault.

You heard that right, just like the KISS Vault filled with old stages and costumes and all that. The CGCM Podcast Vault exists. It contains mostly empty Rhythm & Brews bottles but there was one important find! One lonely, dusty banked episode of the CGCM Podcast! That episode, more than a year ago has been dusted off and presented to you now. This was back when we only had one lonely sponsor and we indulged large their amazing beer.

For your listening pleasure we present to you, The 30 Day Song Challenge – Part 4!

Up first a couple of DITD’s from Anvil and Sixx A.M. before jumping right into the nights topic. For those that have no idea what we are talking about head back and check out our 30 Day Song Challenges 1 through 3 to get up to speed. Or don’t. We are ok with that too.

You will hear music from KISS, Bon Jovi, Ozzy, John Corabi, Tesla, Hardline, Accept, Nickelback, Sister Sin, Dio, Four Horseman and Triumph.

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Furthermore, the CGCM Podcast is proudly sponsored by Rhythm & Brews Brewing Company in Cambridge, Ontario. By The Farm Rehearsal Studios/Farm Rocks Build-A-Band Program in Markham, Ontario. And by Cloven Hoof Rum in Brighton and Hove, UK. In co-operation with King Art Music Management/Promotion, in Helsingborg, Sweden.