CGCM Podcast EP#49Buzzsaw’s Battle of the Bands playlist tournament continues with the second quarter final matchup. What began with 16 Canadian rockers is now down to only 4! Tonight’s contest is a bass battle with Helix’s Daryl Gray going up against Brighton Rock’s Stevie Skreebs as they do battle for the year 1987.

The premise is simple. Each contestant selects a three song playlist of songs that were released in the chosen year. Those playlists are submitted and both playlists are played in their entirety during the episode. The catch? You the listener have no idea which playlist belongs to who. They are simply labelled Playlist A and Playlist B.

Once the episode goes live the listener will have 2 weeks to place their vote for the PLAYLIST that they enjoyed the most. You can vote on the poll option at the CGCM Facebook page or via direct message via our twitter account. Votes will be calculated and a winner will be announced on a Facebook Live Video event to be announced soon.

The winner of this match-up will advance to the Championship Round of the B.B.B. Tournament. It’s been a wild ride and we are coming down to the wire.

Disclaimer: Many beers were harmed during the recording of this episode.

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