Do you love the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal? If so you need some Tailgunner in your life!

Ripping twin guitar attacks, brutal rhythm section and soaring metal vocals. Tailgunner delivers old school metal with a fresh young attitude. Metalheads without apologies serving up “Metal For Eternity”

This young new band are gearing up for war and you better be ready. The Meister and Wallygator sat down with Thomas “Bones” Hewson (Bassist and Founder) for a virtual chat. They discuss how the band got together, the most excellent “Crashdive” Ep and the new single “White Death”  that is creating a buzz here at the station. They also chat about the upcoming full length album and being signed to a new record deal that literally happend a few days before our chat!

Our Interview With Tailgunner’s Thomas “Bones” Hewson…

Tailgunner are positioning themselves to really leave a mark in the world of metal. They certainly have the material. Blistering melodic metal songs reminscent of Maiden and early Metallica, but they are also doing their due diligence and are learning all they can about the business of music. We here at CGCM truly believe this band is poised for big things. Now, if we could only firgure out how to get them over to Canada for a show or better yet a tour!

Tailgunner’s White Death…

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