ChileYears ago the Canadian Geeks set out on a trip around the world. Possibly the most popular series of the podcast and absolutely a favourite with the hosts. Around The World In 80 Episodes continues tonight with Chile.

If this is your first time experiencing one of the Around The World Episodes you are in for a treat. The Geeks spend hours behind the scenes scouring hard rock and heavy metal bands from the country of choice. So far they have traversed Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and now the South American destination of Chile.

Like Brazil, Chile has a very healthy amount of brutal death metal but the Geeks uncovered some Chilean AOR/Thrash/Sleaze. The melodic metal sounds surprised us and we are proud to share these amazing bands with our listeners.

Panzer Fatal, Axe Battler, Witchblade, Sinners Blood, Aguaturbia, Nazty Gunz and Lucifer’s Hammer are a taste.

Around The World In 80 Episodes – Chile

Cgcm Podcast Ep#141-Chile (August 11, 2021)

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If that isn’t enough we have facts. It turns out that Chile has a large number of bizarre facts. The remains of a tiny human like skeleton, chameleon vines and living rocks. Strange facts indeed but the Meister was more impressed that in Chile, you can get cafe con piernas. Translated, this means coffee with legs, more specifically coffee served by rather attractive ladies. Think Hooters combined with Starbucks!

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