CGCM Podcast EP#135 - CGCM Rock Radio Turns One

CGCM Podcast EP#135 – CGCM Rock Radio Turns One

It’s party time here at CGCM Radio! It was a little over a year ago when the Meister called Wallygator on the phone. This in of itself spoke volumes because the Meister hates talking on the phone!

During this conversation, Meister suggested the idea of turning CGCM into an actual radio station. Wallygator responded with the appropriate response. “ARE YOU HIGH?!

The Canadian Geeks began meticulously working through the details of what it might take to start their own radio station. They brought this insane idea to the team at the CGCM Website and were met with an overwhelming show of support from the team. The arduous task of creating CGCM Rock Radio had begun. CGCM Rock Radio, “What Rock Radio Should Be!”

Within weeks, some of the CGCM writers became DJ’s and created their own radio shows. The Psychotic Stripshow, Dave’s Hard Rock Radio, ShawnAnimalizeIrwin, Rachel’s Riffs and of course Wallygator’s Rock and Roll Swamp and Meister Music. Along the way Beaver Buzz and The Burke Show were added to the rotation.

June 1st, 2021 will officially mark the first year of Buzzsaw and the crew going On Air. Unfortunately due to the never-ending Covid Lock-Down, a Birthday Party will have to wait. Until then we decided to spotlight our radio shows and thank each and everyone that tunes in and enjoys CGCM Rock Radio.

CGCM Podcast EP#135-CGCM Rock Radio Turns One

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