CGCM Podcast EP#132-Italy Part 2!

CGCM Podcast EP#132-Italy Part 2!
CGCM Podcast EP#132-Italy Part 2!

Please have your boarding pass and travel documents ready. It’s time to travel “Around The World In 80 Episodes”. This time up, the Canadian Geeks are off to Italy.

Widely known for its delicious food, excellent wine but also for an enormous amount of amazing hard rock and heavy metal. Wallygator and The Meister deliver a long list of mind-blowing Italian facts. More importantly, they uncover some incredible rock and metal music.

More Italian facts are uncovered! You will learn about the vast array of Italian superstitions, police that drive Lamborghinis and much much more. The Meister will share stories of his Italian adventures.

Italy Part 2!

Of course, we know you mainly tune in for the amazing hard rock and heavy metal “Italian” style and they unleash a feast for your ears. Frozen Crown, S.E.X. Department, Dogs N Bones and Addicted are just a few of the bands featured on Part 2 of Around the World in 80 Episodes – Italy!

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