Storm ForceTwenty-twenty brought forth the Age Of Fear! No, I am not talking about the Covid 19 global pandemic. I am not talking about the deadly virus that turned our world upside down in 2020. I am referring to Storm Force‘s release, The Age Of Fear.

Storm Force hails from Niagara Falls of the Great White North. Turns out that good friend of the station Greg Fraser (Brighton Rock, Fraze Gang) was looking to create a new vehicle for his music.

In 2019, he quietly went about recruiting his next project and Storm Force was born. Hand selecting his new bandmates, Patrick Gagliardi (vocals), Brian Hamilton (drums) and Mike Berardelli (bass), this new band got to work creating the Age Of Fear!

Episode #128 – Storm Force



After first listen, CGCM fell in love with the Age Of Fear! Plans for this interview were brewing in early 2020 and then of course the world hit the pause button. In the shadow of the global pandemic, Storm Force was yet to actually play a single live show! They say timing is everything. Thanks, Covid, now please go away!

As it turned out the Age Of Fear went on to be named CGCM Radio’s Number One Album of 2020! Although we would have preferred to conduct this interview properly over beers and ideally at a live show, we just couldn’t wait any longer. We couldn’t wait any longer and used the pandemic technology of ZOOM to finally sit down with the guys.

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