CGCM Podcast EP#105-Around the World in 80 Episodes China

CGCM PodcastJoin the Canadian Geeks as they head out to the “Land Of The Dragon”. That’s right, it’s time for another episode of “Around The World In 80 Episode – China”. Obviously we don’t really visit China. We aren’t even allowed to leave the house as the world remains under pandemic lock down.

The “Around The World in 80 Episodes” remains one of our most popular themed shows. That in mind, the Canadian Geeks were not about to let social distancing rain on their parade. As mentioned on CGCM episode #101, the show must go on!

The Geeks Are Challenged

Wallygator and the Meister leave no stone unturned and uncover a dozen choice heavy metal songs from China. This was no easy feat. Usually this is the most fun of assembling the Around the World episodes but both hosts had quite a struggles. They located some cool music, but a very hard time finding out facts and information about the bands they found. As it turns out, Facebook and other forms of social media are banned in China making such research somewhat difficult.

As usual, Wallygator plays the role of tour guide providing an array of facts and details about this far away and mysterious land. The biggest bombshell is that fortune cookies are NOT a Chinese tradition and actually came from San Francisco?!?

The music they found is definitely the star of the show.  Eye Of Storm, Hell Saviour, Silver Ash, Jacky Danny, Yaksa are just a few of the bands featured. It was revealed that China seems to be very big on Death Metal and other metal sub genres that don’t normally mesh with the tastes of the hosts. That said, the music uncovered for episode #105 is certainly CGCM worthy and a few gems were definitely uncovered.

Episode #105

Grab your headphones and crack open an ice cold bottle of “Tsingtao“. If you can’t find this Chinese beer, may we recommend some of the fine brews over at Black Oak Brewing and enjoy a virtual visit to China and experience some new heavy metal with us.

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