CGCM EP#137 Rockin' Ron's Perfect Album Rodeo

CGCM EP#137 Rockin’ Ron’s Perfect Album Rodeo

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away Rockin’ Ron Runyon pledged allegiance to the CGCM Podcast. He made a donation that helped get the Canadian Geeks down to Nashville for Rock n Pod 2. Part of Rockin’ Ron‘s perk package included a guest spot on an episode of the podcast.

Then days turned to weeks, weeks into months and then months into years. Finally, the planets aligned and the Great Gazoo sat down to chat metal and chat they did! Buckle up people because this is a long one.

Rockin’s Ron’s Perfect Album Rodeo

The festivities get started with a round of the customary CGCM segment “Dick in the Dirt” tracks. Guest host Rockin’ Ron insists on going last as apparently, his DITD is the best. From there they get to the topic at hand. “Perfect Albums”.

The boys take turns discussing and defending their picks for albums that they feel are absolutely perfect. Simply defined as an album that features no filler. Every song holds up, no need to skip a track. A completely perfect listening experience.

Stories are told, laughs are had and a bunch of amazing albums are discussed. As always the CGCM Podcast is free. It will cost you 25 cents for flavour though. So grab a frosty one because Rockin’ Ron’s Perfect Album Rodeo is available now!

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