Unfortunate Band Names“Why would you ever name your band that?!?” One of the most difficult tasks in any bands history is deciding upon a band name. A carefully chosen band name can effectively describe the music within. Combine that with a well crafted logo and it becomes a complete marketing tool.

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth. You pretty much know exactly what to expect before placing the needle in the groove.

Then there is the “use the artist name approach”. Van Halen, Dokken and Dio. Simple but effective. Sometimes, however a band decides upon a moniker that simply misses the mark. Obviously just like music, the effectiveness of a band’s name is purely subjective. That said, there are band names out there that are just simply unfortunate. You could also use the adjectives “wrong”, “offensive” or “wimpy” or just plain “dumb”

Unfortunate Band Names Episode #125


Sometimes it seems band names are chosen for simple shock value. “Aborted Hitler Cock” or what about an order of “Menstrual Pancake”. Lastly, who could ever forget the delightful tones of “Brutal Sphincter”.

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