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WHAT’S NEW, WHAT’S HOT (Review Blog)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Rock World! In these times of uncertainties, where the world seems grim and bleak, where we are coming out of a pandemic and into an invasion that could lead to a possible World War III. We watch the news and have a hard time believing what we are seeing. it […]

NOCTURNA -Daughters Of The Night (Album Review)

Out of Milan, Italy comes Nocturna, bringing their unique sound of Symphonic Metal. Their debut album, Daughters of the Night, blends in the beautiful operatic voices of Rehn and Grace with heavy metal. These guys formed in 2021 and their debut album sounds great! Nocturna – Daughters of the Night is released by Scarlet Records. […]

BATTLE BEAST – Circus of Doom (Album Review)

Out of Helsinki Finland comes Battle Beast! These guys spawned out in 2005. But it wasn’t before spring of 2011 that they released their first album Steel! Battle Beast quickly developed a massive fan base and by 2012 they were known internationally. Since then they have released 5 more albums with a self-titled album Battle […]

SCARLET REBELS – See Through Blue

SCARLET REBELS Well here is something that caught my ears! Scarlet Rebels! This British band really delivers the goods!!! And damn they’re really good!!! See Through Blue is the band’s second album. Already highly praised for their first album Show your Colours, these guys didn’t let up. No, Covid 19 didn’t slow them down. The lyrics […]

FELSKINN – Enter the Light (Album Review)

Felskinn are: Andy Portmann on Vocals Beat Schaub on Base Martin Rauber on Lead Guitar Tom Graber on Rhythm Guitar Ronnie Wolf on Drums Coming out of Lucerne Switzerland Felskinn comes out rocking hard of the 2022 gate. Formed in 2005, Felskinn has been rockin their way through the European circuit.  As for me, they […]

BEST OF 2021 – ERIC LUSSIER (Dr. Tardis) (Writer/Contributor)

You can find the Collective List as well as all our Best of 2021 content including contributors’ individual lists, podcasts and radio DJ shows here: CGCM’s Best of 2021 (Year in Review) BEST OF 2021 ERIC LUSSIER (Dr. Tardis) 🇨🇦 (Writer/Contributor) Hello, I’m Eric Lussier aka Doctor Tardis! I write album reviews for CGCM Radio and I was given the […]

ROCKIN ENGINE / IN HEAT – Brass Monkey, Ottawa (Concert Review)

I’ve got a little story to tell and it goes like this: for those that don’t know me, I am Rich “The Meister” Dillon and I love Hard Rock and Metal. I love the classics like Guns N Roses, AC/DC and Judas Priest. I grew up on that and it’ll always have a special place […]


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