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GIRISH And The CHRONICLES – Rock The Highway (Album Review)

The Chronicle Heavy Metal is slowly but surely taking over the world. The latest nook this beloved music genre reared its head is, India. Traditionally, not a place one would expect to see the roots of this style flourish but here it is, nonetheless. Now, for the second time with a purpose. I said second […]

BURNING WITCHES – Dance With The Devil (Album Review)

Meet The Coven: The High Priestess, Romana Kalkuhl, and Sonia Nusselder are jointly casting spells on their six-string-divinations together with the remaining two handmaidens, Jeanine Grob, a.k.a. the guardian of the basic esbat and Lala Frischknecht, the lady of the cauldrons. The only thing preventing this duality of shredders from becoming a fascination of their […]

TIDAL DREAMS – Access Denied (Album Review)

From the Aegean Sea to Mount Olympus: Tidal Dreams hail from Greece, and Access Denied is their 3rd chariot in a long climb to the mountain of Metal Gods. Nektarios Santamouris is the man who believes every problem can be solved verbally, while contrary to his beliefs, Nick Teteris supports the “pounding with sticks” argumentation. […]


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