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CGCM Podcast EP#56 – 30 Day Song Challenge Part 4!

So as is par for the course with the Canadian Geeks, best laid plans go to waste! Late last year the Meister exclaimed that the CGCM Podcast was going weekly!! It turned out to be the longest stretch of weekly episode churned out by the heavy metal hosers. Alas, the streak is over. Crashed and […]

CGCM Podcast EP#15 – “30 Day Song Challenge Part 33 and a Third!

CGCM Podcast EP#15. After a brief hiatus we are back in action with the third installment in our series of the 30 Day Song Challenge episodes. This drunken mess was the result of recording three episodes in one evening. So it goes without saying that we harmed many beers prior to hitting the record button […]

CGCM Podcast EP#11 “30 Day Song Challenge Part Deux”

CGCM Podcast EP#11 – For those playing along at home, you might remember a few weeks back the Canadian Geeks attempted to record 2 episodes in one night. The result was the 30 Day Song Challenge – Part 1. Well buckle up because what you are about to hear is the Canadian Geeks recording THREE […]

CGCM Podcast EP#5 – 30 Day Song Challenge Part 1

What exactly happens when the hosts of the CGCM Podcast attempt to record 2 episodes in one night? You get an episode that starts as intoxicated as they usually end. So we apologize in advance for what you are about to experience. Part 1. of a 30 Day Song Challenge has Wallygator and the Meister […]


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