BRIDEAR – Born Again (June 28, 2024)


🤘New release from: BRIDEARBorn Again (June 28, 2024)🤘

Born Again, recorded earlier this year at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden will see worldwide release on June 28th! Featuring 10 tracks of uncompromising metal, Born Again returns BRIDEAR to the group’s metal roots but also reflects the power and ambition of the current lineup.

Legendary producer Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, At the Gates, HammerFall, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Obscura, Opeth, Bring Me the Horizon) has brought out something special from the Japanese quintet.

I’m proud of this album and rank it very highly. I have worked with so many artists and Born Again is maybe one of my top 5 albums!” says Fredrik. “The songs are complex but everyone already knows they can play well. This album is more about pure energy and feeling to connect to a wider audience. I tried to bring out of the band a feeling of honesty and raw power that will help them grow.

I wanted the new album to capture the power and energy of a live performance” adds Psychomanteum owner and BRIDEAR executive producer Christopher Morris. “It was time to allow Bridear to explode and focus the music on what BRIDEAR does best. Now they can go into the world as colleagues of major metal bands, not as outliers or an anomaly.

According to Christopher, the decision to record in Gothenburg was long in the plans for the band, and it was an important part of BRIDEAR‘s development. “I chose Fredrik Nordström for this album because he is maybe the most important metal producer in the world…He did a great job with the band’s previous live album and I had hoped he would produce this new album. He created the sound of contemporary heavy metal. Success is his legacy. Now Bridear is a part of that.

According to Christopher, it was also important to take the band to Sweden so that the members could work outside of their comfort zone. “We had to shake up their process and capture that nervous energy. Fredrik and I experimented with different techniques and tried to expand their thinking. The result is a powerful album with no excuses and no shortcuts. It was also necessary to go to Sweden so the band could experience the reality of this new level. Members of Dream Evil helped in the production (the album features a guest vocal appearance by Dream Evil singer Nick Night). Members of HammerFall came to the studio to meet the band and show support. The brilliant Patric Ullaeus filmed a world-class video for Bridear in Gothenburg. This is only the beginning of BRIDEAR in a new world.” (Taken from Psychomanteum Records Website with minor editing).

01. Still Burning
02. Braver Words
03. Born Again
04. Cult
05. Empty Mind
06. Scar Of Reunion
07. Real Is Real
08. Fight It Down
09. No Angels
10. Die Like This (feat. Nick Night / Dream Evil)

KIMI: Vocals
AYUMI: Guitar
MOE: Guitar
HARU: Bass


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