BRAINSTORM - Wall of Skulls (September 17, 2021)

BRAINSTORM – Wall of Skulls

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New release from: BRAINSTORM – Wall of Skulls (September 17, 2021)

BRAINSTORM will release their new album Wall Of Skulls on September 17. While cover artwork has been revealed and pre-sale already started last week, the newest creation and first release from the album, “Escape The Silence“ is out now.

Tenacious double-bass drums and powering bass lines, groovy guitar shreds and the uncompromising and recognizable voice of Andy B. Franck make this song a memorable top-notch and hard-hitting vigorous hymn! But talking about the singer, we should note that a very special guest was able to lay down some lines on the mic for this song. For the first time ever, the band has worked with a guest vocalist who assumes a central role in the respective songs. “Escape The Silence” stars Rage’s legendary Peavy Wagner.

Listening to the latest Brainstorm album Wall Of Skulls, you immediately realize how much the band surrounding vocalist Andy B. Franck has benefitted from the group’s impressive predecessor offering, Midnight Ghost (2018). Midnight Ghost was a musical turning point for the power metal act from southern Germany which saw the band members reach an even higher level of quality and broaden their artistic horizon even further. “When we released the recording, we immediately felt that we were holding probably the most important album in Brainstorm’s history in our hands,” explains Franck.

And that’s precisely the point where Wall Of Skulls picks up, taking Brainstorm’s musical concept even further. Franck talks of an “almost uncanny energy at the rehearsal room when we wrote the material. We’ve included more powerful and fast-paced numbers than ever before on this album. All that happened totally unintentionally and without a master plan but in a completely natural way. We simply worked on the songs without compromises and never changed course once we’d embarked on a specific direction. So Walls Of Skulls is definitely not Midnight Ghost 2.0, but another and very obvious step in the evolution of our music.

Peavy comments on his contribution: “An outrageously great song with a stunning video. It’s an honour for me to be part of that album. Such an excellent track and awesome piece of music!


01 Chamber Thirteen
02 Where Ravens Fly
03 Solitude
04 Escape The Silence (feat. “Peavy“ Wagner, RAGE)
05 Turn Off The Light (feat. “Seeb“ Levermann, ORDEN OGAN)
06 Glory Disappears
07 My Dystopia
08 End Of My Innocence
09 Stigmatized (Shadows Fall)
10 Holding On
11 I, The Deceiver

Mix & Mastering: SebastianSeebLevermann
Cover Artwork: Gyula Havancsak

BUY: AFM Records


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