BLOODSTOCK Announce New Alliance Festival For August (Festival News)

BLOODSTOCK Announce New Alliance Festival
BLOODSTOCK Announce New Alliance Festival

An exciting new event is going to be happening for metalheads the weekend of August 9 to 11, the very weekend that thousands of fans should have been attending Bloodstock Metal Festival. It is all part of a brand new venture involving Bloodstock along with 12 other independent metal festivals who are aiming to firstly give us all something to look forward to, but also raise much-needed funds for festivals that do not major corporate backing (which ‘stock doesn’t) by involving many bands that should have been at festivals like this and Alcatraz (Belgium), Art Mania (Romania), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic), Dynamo (Netherlands), Into The Grave (Netherlands), Leyendas De Rock (Spain), Metal Days (Slovenia), Midgardsblot (Norway), Motorculter (France), Party.San (Germany), Resurrection (Spain) and finally Summer Breeze (Germany).

Over the weekend there will be a special streaming service which is offering exclusive live performances from bands due to perform these festivals along with exclusive interviews along even more! They are asking for fans to help by buying a weekend pass which for the 3 days is the price of (it is metal after all!) 6.66 Euros (just under £6 in UK money so a bargain). These tickets will be available from Friday, July 10 from the website below. There will be at least 35 bands performing from various locations around the world. As these are revealed CGCMwill definitely keep you informed!

To also aid all these independent festivals there will be an exclusive t-shirt for sale at some point from the new website for this special 2020 only event. The site (which will be pinned at the bottom of news piece) on the lead up will also show previous footage from the various sites and festivals which have never been aired up until now to whet the appetite.

With the perilous state of the music industry at the moment, this is a good chance to support festivals that bleed metal from their core and make sure of their safety until we can all once again hit the fields (for Bloodstockers ESPECIALLY Catton Park) when this damn virus is taken care off.

So get ready, start buying in the cans of beer/cider in preparation, however for God’s sake leave the neighbour’s bins alone!

New Metal Festival Alliance Website

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