BLACKOWL - Fly Away (Album Review)

BLACKOWL – Fly Away (Album Review)

Formed in Barcelona Spain in 2018 and lead by Jesus Montero.

Members of the band include

Jesus Montero  on Guitar

Fran Navarro  on Lead Guitar

Dani Martos on Vocals

Victor Ortiz on Bass

Dani Calderon on Drums

I just got introduced to this band by my CGCM colleague Trevor McDougall.  I needed to write a review on a band and I had no idea on whom because there are so many out there. Well, I’m very happy at Trevor’s request.  Thank you!

BlackOwl is a Spanish hard rock blues band. Immediately AC/DC came to mind, these guys came into their own with it as well.

With the raw energy from the band with the strong riffs and vocals you would think has AC/DC been re-born? No, they are called BlackOwl and that’s what they sound like and they Rock!!

I’m really digging the sound and the quality of the production of the album.

BLACKOWL - Fly Away (Album Review)It’s very tight, and the album sounds great!

They kept it to a simple hard-rocking beat, yet it works beautifully.

This band is easy to get into you will love BlackOwl.

Fly Away is an excellent album, From the first song “Smoking Rock N’ Roll” to the last song “Fly Away“. I loved every song!

So go out there and look for BlackOwlFly Away!

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BlackØwl – Smoking Rock’N’Roll (Official Video)

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