BEST OF 2021 – ERIC LUSSIER (Dr. Tardis) (Writer/Contributor)

BEST OF 2021 – ERIC LUSSIER (Dr. Tardis)

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BEST OF 2021

ERIC LUSSIER (Dr. Tardis) 🇨🇦


Hello, I’m Eric Lussier aka Doctor Tardis! I write album reviews for CGCM Radio and I was given the opportunity to give in my Top Ten Albums.  I Have to say that it was a huge challenge to do and didn’t think it would be this hard! In the end, I only could pick 10 albums and I could have easily picked 20 of 2021 best albums. By all means, if some bands didn’t make the top 10 doesn’t mean they are bad. I had a hard decision to do. Who knows in a few weeks I might change my mind about who was in my top ten. But for now…

Here we go!!!


Black Spiders

Coming on in tenth place is Black Spiders! The self-titled album is pretty awesome. As I have never heard of these guys before I was pretty surprised and impressed by their rockin ways!



Gods of Tomorrow

At Number 9! This band was introduced to me by the one and only Rich (The Meister) Dillon! I loved the album right away and got hooked on the beat!




Another introduction by Rich that made me go “WOW” is EclipseWired album! These guys from Sweden really got me Rockin! Wired is such a good album! Another proof that rock is not dead and will never die!




Being a big fan of Nightwish it was easy for me to put my top Symphonic metal group in here! Anette Olzon‘s voice is amazing She can really pour it out there with power. Her latest album Strong shows her strength in character and this is why she deserved a number 7 on my best of 10.



The Revenge of Rock

Well, what can I say about the number 6th positioned band! Kickin Valentina is simply a great fun band to listen to. As I heard of them on the Decibel Geek I quickly became a fan. These guys are rocks vengeance! They are out there to kick down the door and rock your city!

CGCM album review by Trevor McDougall HERE



The Innermost Journey to your Outermost Mind

Now we are at number 5!!! and a complete change of pace from 10 down to 6. You probably wonder what the hell?? It’s very simple really, we have moments when want to chill and listen to something completely different, Sami Yaffa provides that for me with his new album. His history speaks for itself being a member of The New York Dolls and Michael Monroe‘s band. His talent is incredible and he deserves the halfway mark of this top ten.

My review of the album HERE



Never Say Die

What can I say about Wig Wam? HOLY FUCK THIS IS AWESOME!!!  I sometimes listen to Spotify and they send me recommendations as to what I possibly would like. When I heard the song “Kilimanjaro” my eyes were as wide as was my mouth. My ears were listening to pure joy! Man, this band is so freaking good. Out of nowhere, they jumped to number 4.

CGCM album review by Sparky HERE



In for the Kill

Only 3 bands to go, I wrote a review on this album, and OH boy did I pick a great choice. These guys knocked my ass off the chair when I heard them! As I quoted “this album is a real ass-kicker“! I just love this album from beginning to end ToxicRose is just awesome!

My review of the album HERE



Servant of the Mind

What can I say about a late arrival that just had to sneak its way up to number 2! Volbeat is one of my favourite bands as I was working on my Top Ten I heard of their new release and they did not disappoint at all! The WOW factor really applies to this super talented band. Through and through a massive 18 songs are just so good with multiple styles in the mix. It did take much of an effort for me to add them.



Too Mean To Die

Well, here we are finally at Number 1!!!! Yes, Accept The ones who brought you Balls to the Wall in the 80s. Since their release in January, Accept was able to hold on to Number 1!!! I mean, holy shit this album is AWESOME! Every single song rocks! It’s an absolute delight. It is the must-have album of the year! I believe I’m not the only one at CGCM who picked it to be number 1. It is seriously the best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album to come out in 2021. As you can see old dogs can show you what they can do!

CGCM album review by Tom Cornell HERE


Well, ladies and gentlemen there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten List! It might not be what you would have chosen but then again the beauty of it all is the variety of tastes we have. I can’t even imagine a world where we all love the same thing and agree to the same things. What is important to remember always is to respect the choices of others. And sometimes refrain from stating your opinion as you might upset someone else. Just say… “It’s not for me“. I find that to be a good one.

Remember love, respect and we will all get along… unless you’re an asshole!

Happy New Year everyone and rock on!!!

Eric Lussier (Dr. Tardis)

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