The Best of 2016 (Decibel Geek Staff Picks)

Hello, and welcome to Decibel Geek. For the uninitiated, we are a hard rock/heavy metal website and weekly podcast. Decibel Geek began as a weekly podcast presented by hosts Chris Czynszak and Aaron Camaro and has grown into what you find here today. Alongside the weekly issued, absolutely free podcast episodes, our website features photograph galleries from live events around the world as well a direct feed to our YouTube channel, DBGTV. Our writing team encompasses some 30 authors and contributors from Sweden, UK, Japan, USA, and Canada. While you’re here feel free to look around, listen to a podcast, read some album reviews or watch some live concert videos. Feel free to share and let us know what you think.

With our staff having grown by quite a bit throughout 2016, we were able to welcome new writers from around the globe to the team. In 2016, Decibel Geek also celebrated its 5th birthday and a podcast milestone of 250 episodes. The weekly podcast reached new highs in the iTunes podcast charts, expanding the audience through exciting and informative weekly episodes and entertaining special guests such as Gary Corbett, Wallygator & The Meister, The Rockin’ Donkey, Rachel Bolan, Michael Wagener, Alexi Lalas, Tyson Leslie, Joshua Toomey, Greg Mangus, Crazy Joe Renda, Ken Mills, Christopher Williams, Brian Davis, Brandon Gibbs, Jimmy Pardo, Thee Rock n Roll Residency, Steve McClure, Gregory Muse, Ian Wadley and, of course, VV!

As the year draws to a close, each of the staff here at Decibel Geek Podcast/Website has compiled their list of the top ten albums, the best of 2016. This year saw a whopping amount of strong releases issued in every sub-genre. With the widely varied tastes and interests of our staff, you can imagine our top ten is quite widespread. Each of the staff submitted their personal top ten (each of which appears below) and the bands were assigned points depending on where they ranked in that particular list (1 point for #10 and 10 points for #1).

The points were then tallied up to provide the collective top ten from all of us here at Decibel Geek Podcast. We decided that including EPs was acceptable, however, we discounted Live albums and Greatest Hits collections. Many of these albums have seen reviews here on Decibel Geek and those links appear next to the album title in this list. To purchase the album simply click the album’s title and you’ll be spirited to Amazon.

While we might not always agree on these things, one thing’s for sure: we all love music! Due to some of my colleague’s picks, I personally, have been inspired to revisit some albums that did not make the cut for me, as well as explore some new ones. We hope that we can turn you onto some of the great efforts of 2016 if you haven’t been already.

Please support these bands and all of your favorite artists to keep the music alive and flowing, by clicking on the included links to purchase. With some already exciting releases on the horizon for 2017, don’t forget to check out our “Upcoming Release” section updated regularly and follow Decibel Geek on Social Media: iTunes / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram


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Colin “Starchild” Francis (staff writer – UK)

metallica hardwired to self destruct 2016

Read Colin’s Full Top Ten Article

Adam Cox (staff writer / FB Guru – UK)

sonata ninth hour

Read Adam’s Full Top Ten Article

Shawn “Animalize” Irwin (photographer/staff writer – Canada)

Sabaton The Last Stand cover

Read Shawn’s Full Top Ten Article

Andy Lafon (staff writer – USA)

Michael Sweet


Jason “Bakko” Bakken (staff writer/photographer – USA)



David Glynn (staff writer – Japan)


Loose Cannon (staff writer – USA)



Jeremy Bednarski (staff writer – USA)



Shawn “Short-Fuse” Carter (staff writer – Canada)


Blair DeAbreu (staff writer – Canada)


Derik Novak (staff writer / Twitter – USA)


Wally “Wallygator” Norton (staff writer – Canada)

Read Wally’s Full Top Ten Article

Brian Ronald (photographer – Canada)

Read Brian’s Full Top Ten Article

Phil Lisotti (staff writer – Canada)


Metal Mama (staff writer – USA)

Read Metal Mama’s Full Top Ten Article

Mikael “The Lionsheart” Svensson (staff writer – Sweden)

Read Mikael’s Full Top Ten Article

Craig Terdich (staff writer – USA)

Read Craig’s Full Top Ten Article

Matt “Ashcrafty” Ashcraft (staff writer – USA)


Rich “The Meister” Dillon (website editor/staff writer – Canada)


….and there we have the collective Top Ten Albums of the Year lists from many of our staff. What are your top ten? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to all the bands that issued albums and played shows in 2016! It was a great year and even if you didn’t make our list it doesn’t mean that we don’t love ya!

Support the scene, buy albums and concert tickets!

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