ALICE COOPER with BUCKCHERRY Edmonton April 12, 2022 (Concert Review)

ALICE COOPER with BUCKCHERRY Edmonton April 12, 2022


Buckcherry had the daunting task of opening for Alice Cooper on April 12th, 2022 at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Alberta. The true diehards for Buckcherry showed up to support the opening act at a 7:25 pm showtime.

Buckcherry’s first song of the evening was “54321”, followed by the more popular “So Hot”. Frontman Josh Todd carried the crowd momentum with “Ridin” followed by “Out Of Line”. Buckcherry geared the fans up for the next tune which is a favourite, “Lit UP”, and one of Buckcherry’s more known radio hits. Josh Todd kept his foot on the gas and kept the crowd going with “Hellbound” followed by the track “Slammin”.

Buckcherry ended the night with two classic Buckcherry tracks, the ever-popular “Sorry” and then ended the evening with the crowd favourite and most anticipated song from the band’s back catalogue “Crazy Bitch”.

Josh Todd kept the crowd enthralled with his endless energy and dance moves as he bounced from one side of the stage to the other during the last song. And like true Rock N Roll professionals when the band had some technical issues between Stevie D’s guitar and Kelly Lemieux’s bass they kept playing and kept the crowd on their feet singing and screaming along.


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Alice Cooper brought the Detroit Muscle 2022 Tour to Edmonton on April 12th, 2022 to the Northern Alberta Jubilee Theatre. This tour which started back in the middle of February 2022 after the Alice Cooper band played the Monsters Of Rock Cruise (Feb 9th-14th, 2022) is a very well-oiled machine with 19 dates under their belts, nothing seems to be slowing them down.

Alice Cooper brought out all the stops last night. The band opened with the classic “Feed My Frankenstein” as Alice Cooper emerges from the closed doors of Castle Alice with the fog billowing into the theatre. They follow that up with “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, the energy is maintained by the track “Bed Of Nails”, and then “Hey Stoopid”.  The band rips into the Cooper classics of “Fallen In Love”, and “Be My Lover”. Alice treated the Edmonton crowd to a new track off his most recent release Detroit Stories, the track was “Go Man Go” which fits well and falls into place with another classic track “Under My Wheels”.

Alice Cooper and his band keep the up-tempo of the night with the classic song “Man Behind The Mask”, followed by the song “Go To Hell” where we are delighted to see Sheryl Cooper make her first appearance on the stage for the evening. The next songs were “Eighteen”, “Poison” and “Billion Dollar Babies”.

As the stage went dark the castle is dimly lit by lanterns on the castle wall you see a spotlight pierce the darkness where we find a mysterious cloaked figure atop the castle. The figure starts to hit chords of the guitar and starts to make their way down the stairs of the castle and makes their way to center stage. As the shredding of the guitar continues the mysterious figure reveals themselves to be none other than Nita Strauss. The guitar solo leads into the track “Roses On White Lace” and then into “My Stars”, “Devil’s Food”, and “Black Widow”.

As the stage goes dark, we see Chuck Garric emerge and ramp up the crowd as Glen Sobel leads into his drum solo as the rest of the band takes a break and changes stage clothes. Next, we see Alice being led out in a straight jacket, by two large “Babies” as they lead into the song “Steven”, followed by “Dead Babies/ I Love The Dead”. Alice comes back for one last song “Escape” donning the straight jacket.

The band ends the night with two classic songs. “Teenage Frankenstein” where Alice Cooper comes out wearing a ¾ length jacket with a shrunken head on the shoulder it looks like a ringmaster’s coat. The final encore of the night is “Schools Out/Brick In The Wall”. The encore has the crowd covered in streamers, and then Alice Cooper, wielding a knife and sword starts to pop the large balloons filled with confetti. Alice introduces the Edmonton crowd to his band and shares the spotlight with them in the final song of the night.


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